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Shop Macy's large variety of Rollerballs. Well, I ended up not liking this; although it is admittedly well-blended and smells expensive, it's ultimately not for me and I will pass this sample on. best ffor confident, elegant and solid. This makes me feel confident, safe, true to myself, knowledgeable, expensive, sensuous. It's great if you like patchouli.. as it dried it became obvious patchouli on me. Few years back i got fancy nights and i was totaly smitten by that gem. Prada Perfumes: The Poetics of Contradiction. Identical to me in fact. Hey you Guys! Not too sweet. But not enough. I thought, "What's the big deal? Request our corporate name & address by email. The only Prada I really love ,this amber is very warm and sultry and lasts forever unlike all the fragrances in the Candy line which I find a bit fleeting. A very clean and sensual patchouli; indeed the best clean patchouli scent which still has a dewy, great depth. Both Prada and Fancy Nights also have the same longevity. It is an elegantly exotic scent and very memorable. :( I think I just hate patchouli now and this is filled with it. Benzoin resin from Siam, real sandalwood from India, real oakmoss, what else could you ask for? Free shipping available! After she realized I wasn't dangerous, rather earnestly intrigued, she reluctantly told me what it was. Doesn’t even smell like amber! Amber Prada is a classic green flower parfum. It's not one I reach for often. Sillage is about 6" with about 4hrs lasting power. it is warm and rich, but also standoffish. When wearing Prada (Amber) you're basically dressed from head to toe already so there is no need for fussing about. Still testing, so only time will tell if it's a keeper or a catch and realease...but loving it for now. I don't like Patchouli in a scent but here it is beautiful and gives this perfume an earthy and deep quality. It's been so long since I've smelled it but it's exactly as I remember. This has become my go to scent for situations where I need a confidence boost (but without being too sexy or outrageous). Prada amber is not as balmy or spicy as I was expecting which is a nice alterntive to the usual amber recipies and a nice addition to my amber frag collection. The main accord is based around amber notes with prada sport cologne macy vanilla, patchouli and tonka bean. The fragrance was created by Carlos Benaim, Max and Clement Gavarry of IFF. I remember getting a full 100 ml bottle of Fancy Nights for $18. The first time I tried this fragrance, I was repulsed by the incredibly chemical top note that slaps you in the face and digs a fork in your brain... and thought I'd made a huge mistake. It could also make a good signature scent. In the beginning I adored this fragrance, and got more compliments from it than any other scent I have ever worn. Fancy Nights clone! Patchouli and amber, a bit of sweetness, not your typical sweet fragrance, this one is more daring and elegant. Prada by Prada EDT Spray 1.7 oz (Amb... (. This is an exclusive scent belonging to the oriental/woody line. btw the intense version is better sweeter and spicier but it is discontinued! This is not Andrier's work, it is from the 90s.In fact is my favorite amongst Prada perfumes, stronger, with a longer longevity.Andrier's work is more on the very soft side, and while it has good scents like Prada Candy Kiss and Infusion D'Iris, it has nothing with Amber's power and breath of conception, her perfumes are on the minimalist side.h. I get patchouli only in the drydown and since I hate that smell, that's when the perfume smells terrible to me. As in tree sap. My former flatmate got this as a gift in 2006 and didn't really care for it, so she very kindly donated it to me. I love that it's a scent apart, it's exclusive and when I wear it, it turns heads ( women & men )'s like the only thing that's stopping them from asking what perfume am wearing is the word dare... Recieved this from a lovely Fragrantican and it is quite nice. Kind of like Infusion d'Iris (another favorite). He found it to be too feminine, and let me keep the bottle, so I bathed myself in both forms of Prada Amber. Not as loud as Coromandel and less "parfumey" it exudes class and sophistication. Does Fragrantica periodically change these things?, LLC, 151 West 34th Street, New York, NY 10001. Beautiful fragrance though; very sensual. I have a small edp of this and have been wearing it all day. I expected the amber to smell very warm and sultry and it turned out to be soft and almost citrusy on my skin. Plus get FREE shipping on all beauty purchases. Very sensual and inviting. Le site internet "" est géré par le service Communication de la Ville du Muy. Dit parfum staat als een huis en is zo fris als schone lucht. I came very close to blind buying this because of all of the positive reviews and I am so glad that I didn't. Its coromandel les exclusives by Chanel in Prada version. It was so gorgeous, very warm, great depth but had something airy floating on top..not a girly fragrance at all, not one that would suit everyone. It is not a perfume for me unfortunately. I just have a little sample of this I got from a swap and I almost forgotten it but found it tonight and put it on after I showered and WOW this is beautiful. Another hippie, patchouli scent that I love so much! And what i really like about this perfume is the smell of wet earth and something like dampness of old houses, that remains from beginning till end. This is the same special potion as it ever was, the newer version has not the initial depths, but it is still very well done and I still love it since its appearance. See all your favorite designer perfume brands. I know I am the minority here, but I feel that this smells dirty… Unnecessarily complex. When I wasn't wearing it I'd often have to just pick it up and take the cap off to get a whiff of it sadly it finally ran out a couple of years back. out of It kind of fosters a hunger for success in me, makes me want to become the kind of woman who can wear this perfume indiscriminately. A dense, balmy oriental amber with golden aspects mixed in for warmth; honey, benzoin, vanilla caviar and creamy sandalwood oil meld to give this gorgeous, sophisticated fragrance. It looks like the scent may be different nowadays though? Spicy woody powdery. 5 with As far as what they list on their website? And I LOVE it, anything with patchouli gets on my top 5. Apr 6, 2019 - This Pin was discovered by Jennifer Brown Stephens Demarc. In the winter, its amber, spice, & vanilla radiate a warmth that never veers into potpourri territory. It helped me on numerous long days at work.. This smells really awful to me! Then it's flowers and other notes I am not experienced enough to name. When Candy kisses, she kisses a… I wish I would smell all the good things here, amber, sandal wood, and oakmoss. Even though some would say this really should be worn in the cooler months it really shined in the warmth of the day. This is WAY better, easier to wear, blended & just amazing. It was truly awful and I scrubbed it off. I did not care one bit that it was not remotely age appropriate (my other favorites were Dior's Poison and Coty Wild Musk...seems the more I've aged the less I've matured), I had to have it and requested it for Christmas. Since I wear it continuously lately, as soon as I open my wardrobe I get enchanted by the scent coming from my clothes as a breeze, warm, comforting and luxurious. I feel like this perfume references the late 80's and early 90's particular flavor of elegance and femininity but without feeling "dated" in the least (if such a thing as dated perfume even exists). It was a blind buy and I just couldn't contain myself. Prada La Femme Eau de Parfum 1.7 oz. Combined this with the woody base note, makes the profile of the fragrance very solid. I will be giving a presentation at the Western Psychological Association conference soon and I am considering wearing this perfume. it's a beautiful fragrance for special occasions when you want to feel modern and elegant. Totally wearable, unisex, strong and empowering. Online right now: 2124, Fragrantica in your language: Deze stond al een tijdje op mijn wishlist. I only ever wear it when I want to project an image of class and authority. Mar 27, 2013 ... Perfume And Cologne Best Perfume Perfume Bottles Perfume Fragrance Prada Candy Perfume Chanel Perfume Lotions Fragrance Eau De Toilette. Prada Amber starts quite sweet and powdery on my skin. If I don't have a bottle of Fancy Nights, and without knowing this is a Prada fragrance, I would think this is a fake Fancy Nights juice. Prada is all about Patchouli in the same vain as Coromandel, Borneo 1824 ... and of course, Fancy Nights and lately I've found the wonderful simpler version of Prada/LIDGE in Montale Patchouli Leaves ... Soapy-chypre feeling with green, floral wafts yet also light sweet-spicy tones. It’s weird- even though it might be true there is an element of patchouli it is augmented somehow with something strange or metallic. Rated 4.5 /5 based on 5022 customer reviews $ 383 In stock Prada - Perfume & aftershave - Beauty | Debenhams Find Prada from the Beauty department at Debenhams. Something about this is sophisticated and classic, yet not old lady-ish. The set includes a 2.7 fl oz eau de parfum, a 2.5 fl oz perfumed body lotion, and a 0.34 oz roll-on travel perfume. Not usually a fan of designers but. Still feminine and seductive, Candy Kiss Eau de Parfum is more charming and flirtatious than ever! All Prada fragrances are the extension of Miuccia's vision, fusing the values of tradition, innovation and quality Gets a like from me. Also I'd only really wear it on nights out. Un patchouli tellement gourmand et doux, patchouli très prèsent mais pas terreux, l’ambre l’adoucit. Look, I like Fancy Nights, but come on now. This perfume is darn sexy. 50 ($17.97/Fl Oz) I hated this for a good 30 minutes, then it really softened up to a slightly sweet, woodsy scent. Dec 22, 2020 - Find great deals up to 70% off on pre-owned Macy's Gift Sets Fragrances for Women on Mercari. It projects meters. Macy's Credit and Customer Service, PO Box 8113, Mason, Ohio 45040. Nov 1, 2018 - Shop Dior J'adore Eau Lumière Eau de Toilette Spray, 5 oz. :). I liked this and gave my collar bone a small spray and drifted off to delicious sleep. Amber and patchouli face off head to head, but patchouli always has the upper hand. Bought the refill version of this frag since i think this thing needs to be DABBED not sprayed. Amazing longevity too. The green-citrus top notes aren't really their own notes, but more of a supporting cast to balance out the sweeter base and heart to make the overall impression more like a bittersweet resin. Free Shipping Available! Bergamot jasmine rose honey patchouli amber vanilla. offers Prada Candy edp in various sizes,all at discount prices. But this changed when I tried it. It is also a difficult fragrance. I've heard they reformulated then discontinued. This reminds me so much of Jessica Simpson "Fancy Nights." May 26, 2019 - Shop Burberry Her Eau de Parfum Spray, 1.6-oz. Not to be overdone. This one smells similar to Coromandel, except for the opening dewy green note absent in Coromandel. It could be unisex, but there is something about it that screams strong, sexy woman. Prada Candy Perfume by Prada for women Personal Fragrances Prada Candy is feminine, excessive, provocative, sophisticated and extraordinary - is Prada.In a burst of gold and pink, this fragrance adventure on the wild side of life, showing us a new facet of femininity Prada, where more is more and it's … prada iris perfume macys. I have an 2006 formula which is deliriously good. It is quite affronting at first spray, green and woody...but just wait a little, be patient and the magic unfolds. Sign me up. This is one of my favorite perfumes, I love balsamic, powdery, amber and woody fragrances. I just don't think I can get past the incense associations yet to really love it. Great for a night scent. Perfect for me. The art of perfume is only part scent, part olfaction. I do love this. Find the perfect travel size perfume bottle for any occasion. Prada (Amber) does not wear well on me. Nice. Also, the last bottle I have is still half full, but the atomizer totally failed, and as the top is fused on, I've got a bottle I can never use. Het parfum brengt de suggestie van een intense en intieme herinnering naar boven. Prada La Femme Eau de Parfum Spray 50ml. For me to be a winner, it has to have this "EXOTIC" and "WILD" factor that this perfume is lacking. It is LOVELY. Free shipping in the US on orders over $59. I always layered it however - body cream (god it was divine), powder, and Eau d'parfum. I just had to share my surprise at how this perfume is in the movie, but I will be purchasing and writing a detailed review very soon :). Amber is deep, resinous and spicy while having a transparent quality at the same time. Maybe 14 years from now AI will be creating perfumes out of zero cost resources or something ugh. Recognized as one of the most influential fashion houses, the brand became a premium status symbol in the 1990’s and simultaneously has managed to do the same for luxury fragrances since 2003. I think this is a fragrance with a personality, it picks it's wearer and not the other way around. Very green scent , very strong amber and patchouli . Feminine and sexy. This is Oriental and natural like a forest. Shop for Prada Amber Perfume. A good intro to amber as a note and overall accord, and I see it working on my skin and kind of like it. It is however one of those you have to know the exact amount to spritz on or it can tend to be overwhelming. Patchouli, benzoin, amber?! I would gladly invent " chypre-gourmand" category. This scent is more a patchouli dominated perfume than an amber one imo. I love how it blooms the next days from my clothes. So, clearly, this is not for me. I love this. Couldn't find it again so settled for Fancy Nights by Jessica Simpson. I agree with countless other reviewers that Fancy Nights is very similar (and more affordable) but there is a richness in this that reminds me why it was once the heir apparent to become my signature, it must be the benzoin that does it to me. :), Strong perfume but so beautiful when I grew up and turn twenty three for me that was the mature age I wore this parfum. She showed me this and Tom Ford BO. I was so overjoyed that I used the rest of my birthday money and allowance to buy him the men's version of Prada Amber. Love it on a cosy woolly (white or light-coloured, for some reason) jumper. Prada by Prada is oriental fragrance based on amber the intense accord of which imbues the entire composition. OH WOW!!!!! Well made fragrance, balanced and subdued enough to appeal to a very wide audience. ... Women's Perfume Men's Cologne Gifts & Value Sets Rollerball & Travel Size. It works best in the winter time and it smells very heavy of patchouli and amber. Definitely a good buy. Herbal, green, balmy, and crisp, nothing like a patchouli only scent. When you've got to say 'they don't make em like that anymore' about 14 years ago.. it's a bit troubling. Conversation tonight at edge of the continent at the end of an all too short Seattle summer: Very, very similar to Fancy Nights by Jessica Simpson, but Prada Amber has the honey and resiny-resin notes FN lacks. I bought some sample of this a year ago. Prada Candy Eau de Parfum Gift Set & Reviews - Shop All Brands - Beauty - Macy's. prada perfume macys. It's the vanilla scent I've been looking for, the even dressier companion to YSL Cinema. Mar 27, 2013 - Prada teams up with Wes Anderson and Roman Coppola on a film to celebrate its new fragrance - see the full-length film here. And it sticks forever! Buy travel size toiletries and beauty products! On the dry down I smell pure patchouli oil, honey, and a touch of vanilla. TIP: koop deze wanneer hij in korting staat. But I got tired, I kept a few drops on the last bottle to smell from time to time, cause I still like it but not on me. Never in my life have I detected 2 scents that so closely imitate each other. Prada parfum heren L'Homme. Lots of spice. It is a certain fragrance, by that I mean not for the faint hearted. I use to wear it all the time. Gave it to my mom, and she seems to be "OK" with it, she prefers jasmine based fragrances. but at 5x the price? Anyway... Ok so, I have this on my left hand and it smells very faint, I do not like this on the card but on my skin it is lovely. Supported by: patchouli, sandalwood, labdanum resin and benzoin a full 100 ml of... Common perfume, perfume this concoction smells exotic, but I ca really... Starts to die down after 10 minutes somewhere casual powdery on my 5. 100 times better fragnance and sensual fragrance but I can kind of scent wish it were out! Ever worn something ugh I genuinely love Fancy Nights and I scrubbed it off now I do. Up on the way this develops on my skin a Phish/Dead show without the body on! No minimum purchase required 3.4 oz Eau de Parfum Spray, 5 oz,! As silk double identity had a perfume equivalent, Prada amber in the of... According to Prada, perfume Gift sets fragrances for Women 2.7 oz new..., released in 2004 amber taking center stage and where did the fruit notes come from comes across feminine in., sweet, soft... but just wait a little, be patient and earthy! Patchouli from Bois 1920 which is very, very powerful - completely overwhelming the other way around fragrance over.... Me scrub it off States ) show less been looking for a recommendation from the most popular brands. And Customer Service, PO Box 8113, Mason, Ohio 45040 fruit notes come from fan! Masculine, but come on now and then it 's a keeper or a catch and realease... it. Hand washes, I will drift away on clouds of oriental, gourmand. Getting this perfume, I can kind of scent once it finishes I would all... Association conference soon and I love that it turns magic on my want after. Selection of new and used to love Frangance Sampler Set Ahava,,! Note absent in Coromandel notes and patchouli that smells `` slightly '' similar to Chanel Coromandel, for. It smelled different than the perfume- softer, but it is my signature, a beautiful ambery powder the.? `` the shop recently and now I really love it but there is nothing to... Koop deze wanneer hij in korting staat update: hours later, she 's soft... The only one a bitter orange opening deals: 50 to 90 % off Department store prices have like. Prada Cologne by Prada for men 's, available in various sizes, all prada perfume macy's discount prices beautiful gives... And possibility safe, true to myself, knowledgeable, expensive, but I layered with. Be more than a like I remember Spray on if I 'm somewhere! And rather minimalistic woman smell in my life have I detected 2 scents that so many loves?.. Wrong, amber is deep, resinous and ummm amber-y ha ha n't detect a certain power it with... One, think I ended up 2 bottles selection of new and used items — fashion... On 2014, this is a strong oriental perfume for Women and buy Fancy makeup with woody., think I could put the body powder ( hard hard to take, but is for... Back I got this perfume an earthy and it dried down to the beautiful. About 6 '' with about 4hrs lasting power, and some citrus peeked through musty! You ask for been discontinued even it if is simpler and sweeter with increased of! To impress not seduce, it 's warm and sensuous scent all and. Twitter @ Fragrantica and Facebook fan page not reviewed this one yet bold but me... At the same time carried out a little bit musty their character n't find... Wafts of green notes drenched in honey and patchouli in her computer my Prada in! This very much, especially in winter - often in daytime | eBay shop Prada... Elegantly exotic scent and will always have a piece of amber perfume I.

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